Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blog ADD and Sick Babies

Hi everyone,

If you've noticed, my blog kinda jumps around all over the place. Originally, I was going to do a "Five for Friday" every week, then I started "Menu Monday", then I was going to answer design questions from my giveaway, then......I was going to do a blog sale.

Have any of these things happened? Nope. Cause I have blog ADD. That's a real disorder right? I have all these great ideas rolling around in my head. I get excited about it, & sincerely want to do them, but something always comes up.

The issue the past few weeks has been my little Sassypants being really sick. First she had the yucky stomach flu, and this week she's had this really weird fever. We did a strep test and blood work yesterday and found out her white blood cells are really elevated. She had to get 2 shots of antibiotics. Needless to say, we spent over 3 hours in the doctor's office yesterday, and 2 hours there today. I'm spent and I felt so sorry for Miss Sassy. She kept trying to "negotiate" and asked the nurses to "make it not hurt so bad when you stab me." Luckily, she's feeling better, and our visit today showed that there's nothing too bad going on.

With that being said, I'm a little frazzled and tired. My day tomorrow consists of dropping off the kids at school, then going to a 2 hour women's study at church. I finish church at 11:15, go to accupunture at 12, pick up the girls, come home and get ready for the Father/Daughter dance at their school. Do you moms ever have those days where everything falls on the same day? Tomorrow is that day for me. I can't complain, because it's all things that are fun, but it's a lot to juggle in one day.

I promised myself I would get back on track soon. Focus, focus. Breathe.



  1. You just described my world! Fortunately, I'm not OCD, or it would really affect me. I'm able to do what I can and not dwell on the things I didn't get done. Think: small stack of New Year's cards still sitting on my counter needing to be stamped and mailed. One of my kids filled out a Mother's Day questionnaire one year and listed as one of my good qualities the fact that I always had a Plan B. Funny how the "get it" at that age. Hang in there! Everything else stops when we have sick ones at home and that's the way it's supposed to be. Priorities. Love ya!

  2. I know how it can be overwhelming to keep up consistantly with your blog. (I go though my dry spells all the time!) At least you have fresh ideas, and that's always better than having simply nothing to write about :) Take care!

  3. I also suffer from "Blog ADD" haha! I hope everyone is feeling better in your house!

  4. I understand the blog add, I have it too!! I'm glad to hear Miss Sassypants is feeling better :)