Monday, February 8, 2010


I’ve been talking about this forever, and could never quite get my act together. I’ve been cleaning and cleaning, and decided to have my first Blog Sale.

See something you like? Here’s how to bid:

  1. Email me at and let me know what # and description of the item you want.
  2. Only serious inquiries please.
  3. If you have any questions, concerns, or need more info or pictures, email me BEFORE bidding.
  4. All sales are FINAL. I have set the prices to what I believe is below the selling price of eBay & comparable other auction sites.
  5. I will list any flaws, marks, or defects on the items. Make sure you look closely at the pictures, and don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
  6. Items to be paid by Paypal or Google Checkout. All payments are due within 24 hours of bidding. I will confirm the price, item, etc. with you. If not paid during that time, I’ll honor the next person’s bid.
  7. Shipping prices will vary based on each item. Even though the items may be similar, the shipping will vary based on weight and size. Look for the shipping rate listed with each item description. I’ll be more than happy to combine shipping on multiple items.
  8. I’ll ship within 3 business days of payment clearing.
  9. Shipping costs of jewelry will be waived when bought & shipped with a shoe or clothing purchase. I can include jewelry in the same package….no extra cost.
  10. Sorry for all the “rules”, but I want to keep everything easy & communicated.


#1--Coral & Turquoise Necklace

$10.00 ($2.00 shipping)


#2--Wooden Necklace

$6.00 ($1.50 shipping)

image#3 ~~Butterfly Necklace

$3.00 ($1.00 shipping)


#4~~Beaded Lariat Necklace

$7.00 ($2.50 shipping)


#5~~Multi-Stone Bracelet

$4.00 ($1.50 shipping)


#6~~Wood and Grommet Bracelet

$5.00 (shipping $1.50)


#7~~Leather Necklace with Stone Pendant

$5.00 ($1.50 shipping)


#8~~Multi-Stone Bracelet (I think this may be Silpada brand)

$7.00 ($1.50 shipping)


#9~~ Multi-strand Bracelet

$10.00 (shipping $2.00)


#10~~ Bead Necklace with Lapiz Pendant

$12.00 (shipping $3.00)


#11~~Cache’ Brand Black Beaded Necklace (SOLD)

Paid $80-Worn once to a formal event

$20.00 ($3.00 shipping)

image image

#12~~ Cache’ Brand Black Bead Earrings (SOLD)

Matches the necklace above.

Paid $32.00 & wore once to a formal event.

$11.00 ($2.00 shipping)


Buy both necklace (#11) & earrings for $28.00

(shipping for both $5.00)


#13~~Black Velvet Choker

$10.00 (shipping $2.00)

image image

#14~~Multi-Pendant Wooden Bead Necklace

$7.00 (shipping $2.00)


#15~~Jute Covered Circle Necklace

$7.00 (shipping $2.00)


Stay Tuned!

I have LOTS of designer (and not so designer) clothes & shoes coming up.

I even have toddler girls’ clothes I’m getting ready to post. Look for Strasburg and other boutique brands.

Lots of miscellaneous stuff too!

Y’all know me…I’m always organizing & reorganizing. I am so ready for spring & ready to add a few cute dresses in my closet.

It make take me a few days to get all these things up, so please bear with me!

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