Monday, May 17, 2010

Say Please

Boy, my family has been busy this month. I honestly think May is busier for us than December. We’ve had the start of softball for Bookworm and Sassypants celebrated her 6th birthday this weekend.  Then there’s all the end of school activities like ice cream socials, field trips, and science projects. I’m one tired mama.

I’m hoping I can get back to blogging soon. I have sooo many ideas, but as you can see, I’ve been a tad bit busy. 

The other day when I was picking up a few party items at Michael’s, I found the cutest thing where the $1.00 items are. You know that spot that lures you in like fresh baked bread? Yeah, that spot where just $1.00 turns to $16.00.

Here’s “Lunchbox Love” cards. There’s only 4 cards per “sample” package at Michael’s, but you can order more online here.  The cards are the size of a credit card, and are quite sturdy. I send a note most days in my girls’ lunchboxes. It’s usually a quick “I love you.”, “I’m proud of how well you’re doing on your spelling tests.”, etc. I didn’t think they really thought much about them, until the days I forget. Then last week at open house, I saw that Bookworm has saved ALL her notes in her cubby. I almost started crying. She doesn’t throw them away….she saves and reads them. ***Warm, fuzzy Mommy feelings***

What I love about the “Lunchbox Love” cards is that there is a bit of trivia on the back. My favorite one….”A turtle can breathe through its butt.” ~~Right up my girls’ alley.


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Aren’t these adorable? They also have ones that aren’t necessarily for kids. Check them out here.


  1. well I'm not a mommy (yet) but I do stick notes in my husband's lunch. he says it's embarassing, but I think he likes it. May hafta check these out. add a little cheese factor haha

  2. Oh I love this!! What a cute idea. I'm going to swing by my Michael's and see if they have them.

  3. Love that Michael's dollar bin! The Target ones get me into trouble too :)


  4. Love those! I used to have something similar for my husband, but I can't remember where I found them. Thanks for sharing.