Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slacky Slackerson

Just call me Slacky Slackerson, blogger extraordinaire. 
Lately, I have lost all interest in blogging. 
Sure, I can try to round up some fashiony-type blog posts, 
or I can whip up a recipe to photograph. 
Quite honestly, that's not what I had intended to do when I started blogging. 
I hoped that I could share more of "me". 
That's scary though. 
The few times I've put myself out there, I've been judged.
More often, I found acceptance. 

So for now, I'll just give you a "brain-dump" of what's happening in my life.

  • I've been really busy with trying to get the yoga training completed. 
  • I taught my first two "real classes". The kids were wonderful. I LOVE teaching.
  • The weather here is STILL wacky. We had snow just last week. Two days later, it was 70 degrees.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences went well. 
  • We still don't know where we're going for Spring Break. It may end up being a "staycation". 
  • I'm in love with "The Republic of Tea" brand Daily Green Tea in the Ginger Peach flavor. So good!
  • I've found a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant that I plan on frequenting weekly. The tofu/veggie spring rolls are so yummy!
  • My skin has gone cuckoo. Breaking out again. Derm appointment tomorrow. He'll ask "Have you been stressed?" I'll say "Yes."
  • I ordered some cute yoga clothes from Athleta using the Give and Get 30% off coupon code. My current work out clothes won't cut it. 
  • Sassypants brought me this when I asked her to bring her dirty plate to the sink for me to wash. So sweet!

  • Bookworm is making a musical instrument for school. Doc helped her cut out the wood, but she's doing the rest. It should be done by today.
  • I'm trying to figure out how to be a part-time working mom. I really need a sister wife. HA!
That's pretty much it. I can't complain, but I'm also not feeling like myself right now. I know the weather has a lot to do with what's going on with my energy level. 
Hope everyone is doing well. 
I promise to write some more "intriguing" posts soon!


  1. Athleta rocks!! love their stuff-- I think lots of days I need a wife!! Sister wife would be great too-- love the sweet note-- you have done a great job with your sweeties!!

  2. So glad you are enjoying teaching yoga. I'm sure it will be an incredibly rewarding process - but it'll keep ya busy. I think I could use a sister wife too!

  3. You are much closer to "Perfect" than I am. It is such an encouragement to me to know that I'm not the only one who gets behind. You aren't a slacker at all. You just get overwhelmed with all the directions you are pulled. I would much rather you not post on your blog than to know you neglected your family in any way. They should always come first. Much love to you from Texas!