Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Update

Thank you all for the sweet messages, comments, 
and tweets you have sent me over the past week. 

I'm doing well. My surgery didn't go as planned, and I had a really bad recovery room experience. I had hoped to have my hysterectomy laparoscopically, but the surgeons found some issues once they started and made the decision to do an "open" procedure. 

I knew that it was a great possibility, but a small part of me hoped to wake up in recovery and hear "The surgery was a breeze. We didn't have to open." 

Instead, I found out the news and then spent 3 LONG hours in the recovery room in agonizing pain. I remember BEGGING for pain medication. It took 10 hours from the end of my procedure until I got adequate pain relief. Needless to say, I am very upset with my anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist for choosing not to medicate me because they were afraid of bleeding issues. I do not recommend getting an abdominal hysterectomy "Rambo style". 

The nursing staff and my surgeon....that was another story. I was so pleased with my hospital stay and LOVE my doctor. It was better than any experience, including the maternity suites after I had my girls. It was the short-stay nursing staff that FINALLY listened to me and got my pain under control.

After 2 nights in the hospital, I returned home. Every day is getting a little easier, and emotionally.....I am great. I was so worried and torn before the surgery, and now at a week post-op, I'm at total peace with my decision. 

Please continue to pray for healing for me and blessings for me sweet family that has taken such good care of me.

I hope to continue blogging again soon.  


  1. Glad you are on the mend and feeling good emotionally!! Prayers for your continued recovery sweetie.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your agonizing post-op hours, but so happy that you are at peace. The pain will pass, but not being at peace would be perpetual torture. You are on the mend and will be swinging from those chandeliers again in no time! Hee! Continued prayers for you.

  3. So so glad to hear you are on the road to a quick recovery. Haven't been around much but I have had you in my thoughts. Xo Cas

  4. Been thinking of you and praying for you girl.. Rest up. We miss you!

  5. Rambo style doesn't sound pleasant. Sending you hugs.

    Did you have a complete removal or only the uterus? How are the hormones doing? My ovaries need to go for sure but I wouldn't know until I come out if they were open or lap and if the uterus goes with them, but I'm not allowed any hormone treatments due to another medical condition. Anyhow so I was just wondering from a young mom who's been through this...I hope you continue to heal well.


  6. Bless your heart!!! Count me in for BIG prayers for your fast recovery and much health to come your way. Xoxo-BLC

  7. I'm sending lots and lots of prayers your way and virtual hugs!!! I'm so glad you have a great family to take care of you...

    God bless!!!

  8. I love you so much D. You truly are like a sister to me and I have been praying for your healing. Miss you so much! We need to enjoy some hot tamales (the candy!) and cocktails on the beach again real soon!

  9. aw, just read your linked post and I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I hope you feel better real soon!