Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jessica Simpson Shoes

Hi, I'm over 30 (by a long shot) and I like Jessica Simpson.
Not in a creeper, get arrested way.
I like her shoes.
Well, some of them.
Not the hooker ones.

And.....I still hold out hope that she'll get back with Nick.

Saru Shoes
Brown and gray together!

"Kit" Boot
These are my FAVORITE. I love wedge boots! Definitely on my wish list.

"Pai" Sandal
This color is to die for. Perfect for fall.

Tylera Boot
Cute! I love the thicker heel on these.

I saw these in person. Very pretty!

Do you girls own any Jessica Simpson shoes? 
Did you realize that as of December 2010, 
Jessica Simpson Collection made $1 BILLION in sales? 


  1. Never bought any shoes but I've had a few of her bags. I love them but they wear out quickly so I only buy them on sale :)