Sunday, January 29, 2012

Candy Colored Accessories

Welp. Winter has pretty much been non-existent for us. Not that you'll hear me complaining after last winter's blizzard and -7 degree weather.

I'm already looking at spring fashions even though the temps are still somewhat low. I'm not ready for white jeans and pastel tops, but I do like to add a pop of color to my cold weather outfits. My favorite way to bring some life into the endless sea of gray and black in my closet is by adding candy colored accessories.  Here are some pieces that I recently ordered and a few others I want.

Snagged this one for $10.80
I love bright colors combined with black. 

Oops. Got this one too.
$8.80 from F21

I'd wear this with gray jeans and a bright turquoise top.

Helloooooo cutie! 
Love this different take on a skinny belt.

Perfect little bag!

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. I love this post!!! I was just telling my mom yesterday that I needed some cute bright scarfs to start brightening my drab winter wardrobe. I wear tons of black, navy and gray. I'm going to have to check out F21! Those Kate Spade flats are so cute too! I probably wouldn't get much wear out of something like that, but I wish I could!