Thursday, January 7, 2010

Latisse Review

IMG_3800I’ve officially been using Latisse for 4 months now. I really wish I had taken “before” pictures, because I can tell a tremendous difference in my lashes. Not only are they longer, but a lot thicker and darker.

Initially, I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t see a a noticeable difference until about week 7 or 8. Then it was like I woke up with Bambi lashes. The only side effects have been occasional itching and redness (which I can’t totally attribute to Latisse) and eyelid darkening. I can handle the darkness, but I’m not digging the purple & pink darkening around the corner of my eyes. I’ve reduced my number of uses now to about 3 days a week & can tell that the pigmentation is fading a little.

Here are some pictures with and without eye makeup. I cannot believe I’m showing pictures without makeup, so excuse the splotchy skin….and for the love of wax….I need to make a phone call to get those man-brow eyebushes waxed.

IMG_3738 No makeup/mascara. I can tell a difference in the thickness here.

IMG_3740 No makeup. You can see the darkening of my lids here. No biggie….kinda matches the eye shadow I wear.


With mascara and eyeshadow. Thank God for makeup.


Side view with mascara, without concealer. You can see some of the pink/purple darkening in the outer corners & lower lash line. IMG_3811

Scary close, huh?

Are any of you using Latisse and what have your experiences been? I have decided I can deal with the side effects to get compliments like “Are you wearing false eyelashes?”


  1. I cannot believe how thick your eyelashes are without makeup! That's a total seller for me. Calling my derm first thing in the morning. The darkening of you eyelids looks like eyeshadow to me, and I am sure w/ a bit of concealer is easy to cover! Love those lashes!

  2. Your eyelashes look amazing! Sooo long and thick and I can barely tell any pigment change! Is this prescription only in the States? I'm wondering what if it would be the same here in Canada?!?

  3. Your lashes look great!! I've been using Latisse for about 10 weeks and started noticing a difference at week six. My lashes are definitely longer but not much thicker. But I'm giving it time. I've also noticed some skin darkening. Mine is on my left eye, in the corner on the bottom.

    Random question. How did you do the pictures? They look so much better than the before/after pictures I've done of my lashes. I can't seem to get the hang of it.

  4. Did your eyes change colour like it says in the ad?

  5. OMG, I LOVE those lashes. Next time I'm in the dermo I'm asking for this. The only thing that stops me is that I have unusual hazel eyes, almost like amber at times. If they changed colors, I'd hate it!

  6. Thanks ladies. I haven't experienced any eye color change at all. I am very careful to only wet the brush a little so that it doesn't drip down into my eyes.

    Pretty and witty-I'm not sure about being able to get Latisse there. I wonder if you could check their website or maybe call your doctor?

    Whitney-to be honest, I took about 30 pictures to get those few. Here's what I did/used: I have a small Canon Powershot SD1100IS camera. I took these in my kitchen under a recessed ceiling light & used NO flash on my camera. I took different angle shots, then uploaded them into Google Picasa (free) and cropped them. I use Windows Live Writer (also free) to write the blog post & upload pictures. I like Live Writer better than Blogger for picture upload--much easier and you can make your pictures huge. Hope this helps.

  7. Thank you so much, Dishy Decorator! I will try your tricks this weekend. :-)

  8. They look amazing! I'd be at 4 months too except I took a month off when I got LASIK. So mine aren't quite to the Bambi stage yet... I can't get over how long yours are!!

  9. Beautiful Miss DD. Your photos are totally a seller for Latisse. I have already spoken to a certain mutual twitter/blog friend about ordering once I get an RX.

  10. LOVE your lashes!! i need to try it...just have to fork over the big bucks!!

  11. Your eyelashes look amazing! I love your eyeshadow by the way!
    I wanted to ask you what are you taking for your migraines? I saw on twitter that you have migraines, and I get too many of them myself. My neurosurgeon just prescribed Depakote, and I will start that tomorrow. I hate migraines and wish there was a cure! Hope you are feeling better!

  12. I keep seeing commercials for this, I was wondering if it works! Your eyelashes look fabulous. I'm impressed!

  13. I am way too scared to do this because I have heard it can alter the color of your eyes?!?!