Friday, January 1, 2010

Are You Wearing Undergarments Out in Public?

You might remember a while back, I bought a corset during my Forever 21 buying frenzy. I’ve worn it a couple of times and really like the way it looks and feels. Because of the weather, I’ve been topping the corset with a black boyfriend blazer. Not a biggie, because that’s how I’d wear it anyway. Mama don’t wanna look like a Pussycat Doll.

The funny thing is the last time I wore the corset, I had a woman say, “Wow, that’s creative. I never would have thought to wear an undergarment in public. That’s cute, but I don’t think I could pull that off.” Yes, she went there. No words for lady under a fashion rock.

In salute of wearing girdles in public and panties on your head, I give you these corsets---


White House Black Market -Swirl Jacquard Tank

You can't see the boning in this tank, but it's there.

image enlargement

White House Black Market-Belted Jacquard Tank – on sale $39.99

This one has boning too.


Arden B -Linen Pleated Corset – only a few left


Anthropologie- Needlepoint Corset Top

And my favorite…in fact, I’m ordering one today in black.

Victoria’s Secret Lace Corset Top

If a corset top isn’t for you, take a gander at these accessories.

Lockheart Denise Flap Handbag

Nordstrom-Lockheart Brand “Tied and True” Handbag


Modcloth- Fancy Footwork Heels

Here are some tips on how to wearing a corset top and not looking trashy or like Madonna during her “Who’s That Girl” tour~~

  1. Pair the corset with something masculine like a boyfriend blazer & jeans.
  2. This look isn’t for large breasted women. Too much boobage showing=not good.
  3. Don’t wear the corsets that are cropped and show your belly.
  4. One option is to find a corset fitted at the top with a looser flounced or pleated bottom. See the Victoria’s Secret top above.
  5. Another option is to wear a longer corset belted. This makes the corset seem more like a “legitimate” top.
  6. If you are self conscious about corsets being too low cut, try one that has a straight across bodice rather than a “V” cut one. Again, see the Victoria’s Secret one above. That’s why I like that one so much!
  7. Wear something “prim and proper” with the corset. A very simple cashmere cardigan and longer pencil skirt paired with a corset would look stunning.
  8. Make sure the fit is correct. If the corset has boning in it and is too tight, you’ll feel like you have swords piercing your belly.
  9. If you wear the corset alone and it’s too tight, you will have junk hanging out of the bottom and fatback and fatwings in full force.

Do you girlies wear corset tops? Is it a look you’d try?


  1. It might be a look I'd try if I'd lose these pesky 20 pounds!! Love the looks you picked out.

  2. I was just about to say I love them but can't wear them yet cause ma boobies are too big when I read rule #2, but the good news is, I've lost 2 cup sizes since my wedding in June and had to buy all new bras in LA, so there could be a sassy underwear on the outside corsett experience in my near future! Woo hoo!

    Who cares about that silly prude that said that to you!?!?! She obviously probably things tweed (a la the Queen) is sexy and stylish... what does she know! Fab idea! xo

  3. You are a mess! I love the VS one too but have spent some $$ on their stuff and when I got bueno. Pls take a pic when you get it!

  4. LOVE that VS top! But, alas, I cannot wear corsets because of tip #2. Poop.

    PS: I knew we were destined to be blog buddies...bc you say things like "fatback and fatwings" too!!! HA!

  5. I love the VS top -- I love the lace underneath that adds a little length!

  6. Haha--no one is ever happy with what they have! I won't wear them because I don't have enough to hold them up! ;)