Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This and That and Total Randomness

Check out these great products I found while flipping through magazines this week.

How cute are these cotton totes from Maptote? You can chose from a list of major cites, and they’re only $17. Check out all their cute items that include map onesies. wine totes, and lots more. These would be perfect for gift bags for your attendants.  You could fill it up with goodies that are indigenous to the city.


Next up is The Socket Pocket from Organized A to Z.  You just remove you old electrical plate, and replace with this handy pocket. It eliminates all the messy cords on the counter, and can go anywhere.

Last is the Cupcake Courier.  This holds up to 36 cupcakes, closes securely and allows you to easily transport your yummy cupcakes to my belly school for the kiddos.

Random Tips From October 2010 “Parents” magazine:

  • If your nose gets shiny during the day and you forgot your face powder, grab one of the brown paper napkins from your lunch.
  • If you find yourself struggling for a Halloween costume for your little one, run to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of white mess bath puffs. Safety pin to a white sweatshirt, and voila--- you have a poodle.
  • To save time cutting waffles or pancakes for your child, use a pizza cutter.
  • When packing your hospital bag for the “big day”, include a few local restaurant delivery menus. If you end up staying for days, you can have a few special meals and your hubby doesn’t have to leave the hospital. And, um…you don’t have to eat mystery pot pie 2 days in a row.

Totally random stuff, huh?

Have you found any cool gadgets lately? I’m always looking for handy things for organizing and cooking.

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