Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Talk About Skincare

I've had a few of you "youngins" ask me about my skincare program and what supplements I take. I did a post in the past about my skincare products, but I've changed it up since then. I think it's important to periodically make changes to your skincare routine. I have some "tried and true" Holy Grail items that I'll never give up, but if I start having breakouts, you better believe I'm going to pull out the big guns.

So first, let me preach a little. No amount of products, peels, supplements, or jugs of water are going to give you changes in your skin if you tan or smoke. Those two habits are going to age you faster than anything, and it's often irreversible. 

Friends, you have to stay out of the tanning beds and sun! I cringe when I see a beautiful 20-year-old fried to a crisp, all red-faced with legs as dark as cedar siding. Throw in some "weekend" smoking, and you'll have this.


**Disclaimer: By no means do I consider myself a skincare expert. My skin is NO WHERE near perfect. I still battle with acne. UGH. My suggestions are based on what has worked for me through the years.

I'll divide my skincare routine into 4 posts:
  1. The Basics:  This includes what I consider to be the "basics" of skincare. I'll discuss my choice of cleansers, serums, sunscreen, etc.
  2. The Extras:  This will include what I use to treat breakouts and problem areas. I'll also talk about the "big guns" of skincare.
  3. The Quirky:  You may say "What the Helena?" when I tell you some of the crazy things I use and do for the sake of anti-aging and acne control.
  4. Supplements and Food:  I'll share with you what supplements I regularly take, along with foods that have improved my skin. 
Check back tomorrow for my suggestions!


  1. Cool! looking forward to it!


  2. I'm looking forward to these posts! Thanks :)

  3. I used to be a frequent tanner but have stopped going completely and I feel like my skin already looks better. I hate the tanning bed and hate the faux tan look on girls who go everyday!! Looking forward to your skincare routine posts!

  4. I am truly looking forward to these posts. Skincare is so important to me and I love to hear what other women do to take care of their skin!

  5. That picture is scary! I cringe that I used to tan in high school. As I get older skincare is a big topic on my mind.

  6. I am really looking forward to this series!