Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Come on now, I know you've all done it. You're at someone's house and go to the restroom. You're washing your hands and look up. There's a medicine cabinet so close you can smell the Secret deodorant. You say to yourself, "Hmm, just a quick peek." There's something very revealing about the contents of someone's medicine cabinet. Maybe they're depressed and take medication. Maybe they're 50 years old and still like Scooby Doo toothpaste. Maybe *GASP* they use Rogaine or a nicotine patch. Our deepest secrets can lie in our bathroom cabinets.

I think this video is hilarious. Mr. Snoopy Snooperson is going to take a peek inside someone's medicine cabinet. I'd love to pull this prank sometime. Seriously....I really want to do it at the next party or get together I have at my house.

I've had quite a few emails asking me what skincare products I use. I am so flattered by the sweet comments, but I have to tell's like a skin isn't that great up close. I have had several severe cases of acne that required Accutane, and still battle with breakouts. I think one blessing of having acne is the fact that I started taking good care of my skin at an early age. I have friends that had great skin in high school. They didn't have to worry about breakouts and having to cover up blemishes. They slept in their makeup, never wore sunscreen, and laid in tanning beds. I can tell a huge difference in their skin now from the years of neglect.

After I turned 30, I became a bit obsessed with skincare. I honestly think I've tried or read about every skincare line out there. If someone mentions a product, there's a good chance I'm familiar with it. By no means am I an skin still throws me for a loop every few years. I just choose to educate myself about the things I put on my skin.

Here are the products I'm CURRENTLY using. It'll probably change in a year, but I'm liking this combination now.

Here's my morning routine:
  1. Wash with Cellceuticals Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser. I use the cleanser with my Clarisonic Pro skin care brush. If you haven't heard of Cellceuticals, it was developed by Dr. Garth Fisher, a world famous, and highly respected plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I can make a prediction.....he will perform a "Mommy Makeover" on me one day to repair the damage a 10 lb., 12 oz. baby did to my body. That's another story all together. Cellceutical products are phenomenal and so gentle. This is the one cleanser that doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling grimy.
  2. Next I use 4-5 drops of Skinceuticals Phloretin CF antioxidant drops. I wait several minutes before I apply the next step. There's lots of research to prove that topical antioxidants protect and repair skin by rebuilding collagen.
  3. Some people put their eye cream on last, but I like to let it start doing it's work before I put my makeup on. With my allergies, I have to be careful about what I put around my eyes, so I alternate between these 2 eye creams. I'll be honest, I have NEVER found anything to help with my dark circles. So if you have any suggestions, please share. I use Skinceuticals Eye Cream and Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream if I'm particularly dry.
  4. I just started using Skinmedica TNS Recovery Complex this week. So far, I'm liking it a lot. If you read the reviews on the link I posted, you'll see that people really saw improvement after using TNS. I remember seeing an article in a beauty magazine about this product a few years back. Jennifer Aniston and several other celebrities said in the article that they use TNS and swore by it. I made a mental note, but was put off by how expensive it was. Fortunately, I got a great deal and got my sneaky little hands on it. After a week, I can see a considerable lightening of the melasma on my forehead. I don't know that I'm going to be using this every day. I may alternate every other day. We'll see....
  5. Next I use the Cellceuticals Extreme Defense Lotion. I only use a 2-3 squirts of this on my face and neck. It's really light and just feels wonderful.
  6. Last, I use sunscreen...each and every day on my face, neck and décolletage if it's not covered with my blouse . Even when it's raining and in the winter. ALWAYS! The sunscreen I like that doesn't break me out and feel like I'm all greased up at the pool is Neostrata Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15. I love that it's fragrance free too. I use a higher SPF in the summer, but I like this lighter cream for winter.
This may sound complicated....but it is really quite quick. I have everything out like you see in the picture above. While the antioxidant is soaking in , I brush my teeth or get dressed, so it's not like I'm sitting around waiting. It all takes 5-7 minutes tops.

Tomorrow, I'll show you my nighttime skincare routine. What products do you love? Please share. As you can tell, I'm always willing to try new things so I can stick my toes in the "fountain of youth." Have a great day, and don't go snooping in medicine cabinets!!


  1. Thank you for these great suggestions! I use a Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, a Clarins sunscreen, and Laura Mercier/Bobbi Brown makeup. I need to at least add an anti-wrinkle cream!

  2. Great info - thanks for sharing! I have an appt. with a new aesthetician/skin place today and I can't wait to get back into a routine and work on some of my "issues"! :)

  3. thanks for sharing! I've heard great things about the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF so I'm gonna try it.

  4. So glad I found your blog : ) I'm always looking for great new products, so this post is perfect for me!

  5. I love these kinds of posts! I did one a couple weeks ago :)

  6. I found an under eye jewel. Jane Iredale Circle/Delete concealer. Using her Camouflage brush, and Pommisst hydration spray works great. Spray brush to wet it, then apply concealer under eyes. Takes just a minute. It cools and covers. Sometimes I wear it alone because it blends so well. The hydration keeps from emphasizing tiny lines. LOVE THIS!

  7. Dana,
    You HAVE to try my skin care line... Rodan + Fields. The eye cream is incredible and WILL take care of your dark circles. We have 5 lines Reverse for Sun Damage and will literally make your skin more luminous and get rid of the brow spots, Anti-Age(eye cream is in this line and can be used with all regimens, and #1 with Allure Mag) Anti-Age with peptides for wrinkles and sagging skin( was #1 in Nordstroms before be taking off retail shelves and going into direct sales)
    Unblemish.... INCREDIBLE and has body wash and spray and then Soothe for sensitive skin and great for redness, rosecea etc. Call me if you have any questions 901.857.9058 and check out my website My skin has never looked better and I have had trouble all my life. Also Essentials, which is one of Oprah's favorites...general maintanence. I use this was to take my makeup off before using wash in other lines.

  8. Thanks ladies for the wonderful suggestions. It's always good to know what works for others.
    Stacee, I love Jane Iredale....I'm looking for that concealer asap!

    Grace, I'm going to check out that site! Thanks girl!