Friday, September 25, 2009

Five For Friday

My Five Favorite Things for Fall
  1. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte- LOVE, LOVE these. I have to admit...I have at least 3 of these bad boys a week.
  2. Boots- As soon as the temperature starts're going to find me in boots. I love how boots can totally make an outfit. When it starts snowing here (don't want to let my mind go there), you'll find me in my boots we bought in Aspen. I love them because they have fur around the top, with fur pompoms on the zippers. Very diva-ish, and they get a few looks, but they make me feel pretty when it's so depressing outside.
  3. Spiced Apple Cider-There's a company called Aspen Mulling Spices that makes the best mixes. You just add apple juice to it. I usually keep some brewing all the time and sip on it all day. My favorite is "Cinnamon Orange Blend". DELICIOUS!!
  4. Big Chunky Cardigans-I love the time before it gets really cold. I like being able to throw on a cardigan, jeans and boots, and looking more "put together" than flip flops and sundresses.
    This cardigan can be found at Banana Republic.
  5. Soup and more soup- Fall is the time I find myself eating soup A LOT! I like to try new recipes from or Last year, I tried a black bean soup with roasted pumpkin seeds. Sounds weird, but it was really good.
So what are your favorite things for fall? If you had to make a quick list of five things, what would they be?


  1. I am sooo completely with you on 1-4! Love! I don't seem to make/eat soup that much - but I do like a good chili or clam chowder :) I should look for some new soup recipes :)

  2. I wish we had Fall. No pumpkins or apple cider down here.
    I buy boots, sweaters, and a coat anyway and wear them when the temp drops below 70!

  3. Loving that sweater!!

  4. I am going to have to try the pumpkin spice latte, thanks for the tip, wanting a new drink! Love the remodel idea! I just made cute bulletin boards in our hallway off the garage, connects to kitchen,laundry, etc...I got 3 and painted LOGAN on one..THOMAS and then BROOKS, I did the letters huge all accross the bulletin board but left the board each one has their own to put stuff on, we get SO much as I know you do to and need a place for it. Love all your ideas!