Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Love You Rituals

I'm so excited to be starting a women's class today at church called, "I Love You Rituals". It's based on the book by Dr. Becky Bailey.
Here's the class description:

"I Love You Rituals are delightful interactions and games adults can play with children from infancy to eight years of age that send the message of unconditional acceptance – just like God’s message to us! These activities are designed to build bonds and strengthen relationships between adults and children – kind of like what God wants to do with us. This class is for nursing moms or anyone who wants to work on building connections with God, each other and young children."

When I first read the class description, I thought, "Nay, that's for moms with infants.", and didn't give much thought about taking that particular class. The first day of registration, all the teachers of the various classes got up and told a little about the class. The two ladies that will be teaching the "I Love You Rituals" class got up and spoke and one of them had me in tears before she finished. She said, "You know some days I wonder, do my children know that I REALLY unconditionally love them? I've shouted orders at them all day. I've given a quick hug when I drop them off at school. I've rushed them. Sometimes I yell at them. My 'I love you.' is quick and insincere. Do they really know that I love them?"

The teacher gave a great example...When you're chopping wood, and you hit different places with the ax at every strike, you don't make much of an impact. But if you hit the same place every time, over and get the result you want. She went on to say, when you do the same thing over and over that says, "I love you", you get a long-lasting and memorable result for your children, husband or with whomever you create this ritual . I'm so excited about this class, because sometimes I feel like I have lots of room for improvement when it comes to being a mother. I didn't come from a very affectionate 'lovey-dovey family, so that's one of the areas that I really have to work on.

I'll keep you updated with all the wonderful things I learn. Do you have any "I Love You" rituals that you do with your family?


  1. Sounds fabulous! Let me know how it is... maybe I should pick up the book.

  2. That sounds like a great class. I grew up in a very affectionate family - and I'm definitely a 'hugger'. My kids will get an 'I love you, buddy' or 'I love you, Princess' randomly ... and we've actually noticed they've started saying it to us - just out of the blue. It's really nice. I do know that I need to work on my tone with my kids (don't we all)? -- because I know I'm not Mother of the Year by any standard, but I do think it's always good to be willing to be a better mother!

    Can't wait to hear how your class is going!

  3. Yes, puggies just melt my heart. I love mine, but I don't love the shedding. Gaw, I could probably make a puggy fur coat. Ha!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful class! Cant wait to hear how it goes. = )

  5. What a wonderful class! I did not grow up in an affectionate family, either. Funny I never remember anyone saying "I love you". I definitely overcompensate for it by smothering my daughter with as much love and affection as I can, and we say I love you back and forth a dozen times a day. I would love this class--please share what you learn!

  6. Wow-what a great class...I agree,do they really know . When so much of their time is spent following my commands. Let us know how to improve, Dana, as you learn.