Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tag! You're It!

Yay! I was tagged by Christina for the Cutest Blog Award. Her blog is adorable and I secretly want to shop her closet;-). So here's the deal. I have to list 7 things about myself and then tag 2 other fabulous bloggers.
  1. I have been married for 12 years. Can you believe it?? Sometimes it seems like only yesterday when we got married....I'm sure Doc Lancelot feels like it's been a lifetime;-)
  2. I love to shop, but I love saving money even more. I use Ebates, search for promotion codes, use coupons...whatever it takes to save money. I RARELY pay full price for clothing or things for the house.
  3. My hair is naturally a mousey brown, but I have the skin color of a redhead. I've tried to color it back brown several times and it looks horrible. And besides, I have the temper of a there.
  4. I think sometimes that I'm "Rainman". To get myself motivated to clean the house or organize, I'll tell myself, "Just pick up, throw way, organize 20 (or some other random number)." Crazy, huh? Weird, most definitely. It works for me though.
  5. I had an interior design business for children when we lived in Mississippi. When Hurricane Katrina rocked our world, a lot of my business inventory was damaged, and I decided to close my business. I found pregnant women that lost their homes in the hurricane and designed their nurseries for them. I donated cribs, bedding, lamps, etc. and gave them clothing. I remember how excited I was to decorate my nursery when I was pregnant, and I can't imagine losing everything. These poor girls had NOTHING. They were so grateful, and I even keep in touch with one of the girls. She sends me pictures of her son and keeps me updated. They blessed me more than I could ever bless them.
  6. I would much rather have facials, massages, and mani/pedis than jewelry.
  7. I have an excellent "radar" when it comes to slimy or untrustworthy people. I can meet you and within a minute, tell if you have a good heart.
So what lovely bloggers would I like to tag? Hmmm, let me see....Mint Juleps and Magnolias and Sweet Tea in Seattle. Great blogs....go check them out.


  1. Congrats on your awesome award!!Loved reading your list! Congrats to the awesome bloggers you passed it along to also!! = )

  2. The red hair is so you! I love it!

    Also, your Katrina story is so beautiful. What a blessing to be able to give such an amazing gift to women who so desperately needed normalcy and beauty in their lives. Amazing.

    I'm thinking of my list now...

  3. These were fun to read. I find that I can sometimes avoid proscrastination if I talk to myself ("Now I need to read through this, and decide what to throw away.") I thought I was weird, but maybe not too weird. :) Your red hair looks terrific.

  4. what does your "radar" say about me??? Just kidding!