Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Motivation for Summer

I’m one week down of my 30 day makeover. I’m really enjoying my workouts and my trainer is a perfect fit for me. She’s not too perky, and she pushes me---but not to the point of me wanting to punch her in the ovary. She’s a mom, so she totally gets the fact that if one of my girls is sick, this mama won’t be at the gym pumpin’ and a sweatin’.

Unfortunately, I’ve not changed my eating habits at all. I know I would get better results if I cleaned up my diet. I don’t know about you girls, but I have to have serious motivation to want to exercise and eat light a starving rabbit eat healthy. Being an interior designer, I’m a very “visual” person. I have to have “visual motivation”. I can’t just think in my mind, “Oh, I have a beach trip planned in July. That gives me such and such weeks to get the lard off.” I have to have things like this taped to my refrigerator~~~


Photo: Shape Magazine, Dec. 2007



Victoria Secret model Marissa Miller

Okay, I’m going to go do some sit-ups now.


  1. My husband was just diagnosed with Super high cholesterol and you'd be surprised how motivating that is for this pizza and ice cream girl! But we are just making little changes here and there and building our way to a psychotic California health nut diet and surprisingly IT'S WORKING!!! I turned down Pizza and CHOCOLATE last night and opted for OJ instead! Can't believe! Best of luck pretty girl!!!

  2. Ummm, yea. Totally needed that.

  3. Yeah, totally need those on my fridge too! :)

    But good for you on the working out! I bet you're going to see some results soon! :)

  4. I try to keep photos of me when I was thinner around to show that I can get there. I think Angie harmon would only make me feel worse about myself since I'll never have those hips, but that's just me.

    I have wondered if Shape magazine is any good. I currently get Women's Health and like it.

  5. I apparently missed your post about a 30 day makeover. Sounds AWESOME!!!!! I def need to do something like that! Can't wait to hear how it goes and I totally think you're on the right track by getting a female trainer and working out in the women's area!

  6. it's always a mystery to me how celebrities are able to get a much better fit body AFTER having several children. and their boobs don't seem to be saggy either. How is that possible?! secret mini plastic surgery?

  7. Great inspiration!! Glad you're liking your trainer :)