Saturday, January 15, 2011

Celebrity Spotlight- Michelle Williams

From her early days on "Dawson's Creek" to her raw and compelling role in "Blue Valentine", I've loved seeing Michelle Williams' style evolve over the years. She never appears to take her celebrity status too seriously, and her sense of style proves this. Here are a few of my favorite looks:

This is my favorite all-time look. Love her Vera Wang dress!


  1. Great post! She really does pull off the pixi, but I'm most drawn to the second photo... I guess I'm a suck for long blonde hair, and the grown out bangs look so breezy and casual. Definite hair inspiration!
    - Catherine at The Spring {}

  2. I loved her in that Yellow dress!! Love! But did you see her dress last night for the Globes? Ehh.....looked home sewn!

  3. She is definitely original and I like that she isn't another blonde cookie cutter actress, but she really disappointed me at the Globes! I hope she's saving her best look for the Oscars.

  4. she is so lovely! that yellow dress and statement necklace was my favorite look!