Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kelly Ripa's Dress From Intermix

I think Kelly Ripa is cute as a bug. I want to feed her some good Southern food to give her some curves, but I admire how dedicated she is to fitness. 

I love watching Kelly's "Fashion Finder" series on the "Regis and Kelly" website. She does a quick segment after the show, where she highlights her outfit of the day. Kelly had on an adorable dress this past Wednesday, so I rushed to look on "Fashion Finder" to find out the designer. Here's the segment (you'll have to scroll to Wednesday, January 26 to see it.) 

Turns out this is an exclusive dress for Intermix, and it isn't cheap--$238. But if you sign up for their emails, they'll send you an automatic 15% off your first order. That brings the price down to $202.30. 

You can't really tell by the picture, but you get a real feel of the fabric's flowiness on Kelly's video. I think it's such a versatile dress and is perfect for all seasons.

Side Drape Ruched Party Dress

On this episode, Kelly also wears the infamous green Jennifer Miller earrings seen on Kyle of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".  It's a total fashion trend "two-fer"!

BTW, I checked out the Fogal brand tights Kelly mentions. Um, hello. $66 for a pair of tights? No flippin' way. I already choke on my uvula and get an eye twitch when I fork out money for Spanx tights.


  1. Love the dress!!!! It's adorbs!
    And I agree with you...Kelly could use a triple cheese and bacon burger and a milkshake. I actually like the skinny waif look (although Mr. D disagrees w me) but I think KR takes it a bit too far. But I guess it works for her because she always looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing these segments...I didn't know about them.

  2. super fun dress! and yeah, there is NO way I could pay that much for tights.. I go through them too quickly. I LOVED those green earrings.

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