Monday, October 3, 2011

Ivanka Trump Shoes

Did y'all know that Ivanka Trump now has a shoe and handbag line? 
I was looking online at Bloomingdale's shoes, and spotted her brand. 
Who would've thunk it? Pretty cute stuff!


These got great reviews and love this color!

Ahhh. Love the calf-hair leopard print. Perfect height.

I like that these are simple. No zippers or buckles.

I don't like the purses because she made the same mistake Jessica Simpson did. 
She put her name all over the bag. And on shiny hardware. 
The styles aren't bad, but no one wants to see Jess or Ivanka's name emblazoned for the world to see.  

Have you fashionistas tried any of her shoes? 
How's the quality?


  1. I had no idea she had a shoe line. I love those leopard heels!

  2. I just posted about her stuff last week. I am surprisingly impressed!