Monday, November 23, 2009

Forever 21 or Forever I'm Buying?

Dear Forever 21,
You have some of us hooked. Your trendy clothes with tags that say, "$13.90" or "$22.40" or some price that you expect to see in a Wal-Mart ad. We see our friends wearing something cute, ask where they got it, they say, "Oh, I got it at Forever 21." What do I do? I rush to the website and buy the cuteness I just saw, because you know....even though I live in a college town....we don't have a store here.
This is probably a good thing, because I don't like thumping music while I shop. Furthermore, I am not equipped to deal with the teens skipping school and giving me an attitude, thinking, "That broad hasn't seen '21' in a LONG time. What does she think she's doing in here? Oh yeah, she's a mom buying for HER teenage daughter." Bitter much? Yeah, just a little.
So I buy online, and have figured out I have about a 30% return rate. Most of what I've ordered is perfect, but the things I have to return are usually because it's sized for those school-skipping teens and not almost 40, child-bearing hipped mamas with boobs that could get caught in a pants' zipper. Body image issues? Yeah, just a little.
So here are my latest Forever 21 purchases!
I will subject you until eternity with what I call "Floor Polyvores".
*Remember to click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger.
Satin Corset Top-Forever 21 Twist.
This is my favorite!
It has a grosgrain ribbon front bow & trim.
Note: I tried to find the link to this top on the site several times. It must be sold out.
Here's the item # from my invoice --68474500013
Detail of back
Lined inside with purple leopard satin.
How cute is that? Makes me want to do the "cougar roar".
This is the infamous cream blazer that My Blonde Reality
had on during our last day in Atlanta.
Several of us "ooh & ahhed" over it and ordered it.
It really is such a versatile jacket.
It looks white in the picture, but it's really a light cream.
Look at the detail.
Sooo cute, and that sweet little bow makes me want to frolic in the meadows.
Blair Ruffle Sweater Cardigan
Another no find online, but here's the item #: 66926887022
What? I'm not in the floor?
This was the first picture I took and
quickly realized it was easier to throw everything in the floor.
Besides, remember....I'm bloated. Woman issues....yeah, just a little.
Super cute with slacks or jeans.
3/4 sleeve with doll collar.
This is almost identical to the J Crew Ocelot Cardigan that is sold out.
Have you found any great finds at Forever 21? Please share!


  1. OMG! I have EVERY one of these pieces! HAHAHAHA! We finally got a store locally in the summer, but I feel the same way, better luck online. I would rather return 30% of the stuff than dig through my local F21.

  2. wow - super cute! I've only ever bought jewelry there. Can't stand to be in the store too long! haha. I think an online visit is in order. :) Have a great day!

  3. I bought that Chanel looking coat - the black/white tweed one in the store the other day! LOVE IT! I'm going to wear it when I sing at church next! I also have the Cream jacket - that will get you LOADS of compliments and I wore it exactly like Shasta wore it. Everything is SO cute! I'd rather buy online and return then dig thru the store. You are RIGHT!!

    Love this post - you are so funny!

  4. ok, I admit, I go there, but I buy jewelry, bags and scarves! but I love the trendy styles along with their prices! .....i go in with my 13yo daughter! LOL

    don't be sad you don't have one near you - they just moved ours to a bigger spot at the mall and it's an entire wing/corner spot - it's HUGE, it's overwhelming when you walk in there - and EVERY TIME we are there both dressing rooms have a line to the middle of the store, as do the check out lines!---shopping online would be much better!!

    Cute pieces!