Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey Macarena!!

It was love at first sight when I came across the “Macarena” wedge sandal by Christian Louboutin. I’m sorry, but….as much as I love Christian Louboutin shoes, I’m not paying $625 for a pair of wedge sandals.

Barney’s recently had them on sale for $249. Still a lot----but I’d wear the hound out of them.  There’s something about the chains and jute braid that I love. However, they’re SOLD OUT!

So if any of you come across a pair of brown ones like this in Euro size 38, (and they’re on sale), please oh please, let me know. The black or gray ones---I can find, but I really want the brown ones.

I know a lot of you are great “retail investigators”, so can you help a sister out? he he




  1. I love them, but man oh man, I cannot wear heels anymore (darn hip....) They are TOO cute!

  2. Those are adorable, but I wouldn't have paid that original price either... never pay retail if you can help it!

  3. Sooooo cute! I love the gold chains! $249 seems like a steal for these, but you need to find the brown for sure. Definitely the cutest, and you'd wear that color the most. Not that you don't already know this! ;)