Friday, July 23, 2010

Forever 21 Denim Shorts

I’m old enough to see trends on their 2nd and even 3rd time around. Denim shorts, even though they have never truly been “out of style”, they’re on the upswing this summer.

I honestly am not a big fan of shorts for myself. I’m self-conscious about my legs big time. However, I can’t wear dresses everyday, and I don’t want to live in workout clothes either.

I started looking for some distressed denim shorts that were not so short that it looked like I needed to “drop it like it’s hot”. I’ve either found them to be Bermuda length or booty shorts. No in between.

I found these at Forever 21 and love them. They’re longer, but can be cuffed or rolled up.  Even better….they don’t have the $100 price tag like J Brand and other designer brands.

Forever 21 Cut-off Whiskered Short


Cuffed one time.

Um, excuse that weird bulge in my sweater.

I’m wearing them with my new Forever 21 sweater and Sam Edelman “ Ginger” gladiators.


Cuffed two times

I had to share these! So comfy!


  1. super cute ;) I had a pair of citizen gauchos/capris that were REALLY in when I was in college, 2-3 years ago... and I wore a total of maybe, 6 times. I had them in my closet forever, thinking I'd bring them back, but I finally just hacked them off into shorts, and I have gotten SO MANY compliments on them... they look a ton like yours, just a lighter wash. love yours! wish I had the cajones to order from F21 online, I just hate taking stuff back and their sizing is so weird on me. good for you, lucking out though! sweater is great too!

  2. Why in the world are you self conscious about your legs? They look fantastic!!! :)

  3. Those are ADORABLE! I was just at the mall yesterday but I might have to go back to get these...

  4. HOT MOMMA. I like them! Can't wait to see you!

  5. Please link this up to Fabulous Friday! One of my friends has these so I actually went to Forevs looking for these the other day and they'd sold out! I'm going to look at another one in town...fingers crossed.

  6. Whoa! Those are super-cute and your legs look great! I may have to get a pair. They look like the perfect length.

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments ladies. I love sharing bargains.

    Heather, I ordered these online. We don't have a F21 store where I live.

    GRITS--can't wait to see you too!