Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mulberry, How I Love Thee

It’s funny---some conversations on Twitter can spawn ideas for blog posts. As most of you know, us tweeps can do some talking about handbags. I love all the popular designer brands, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and I even love me some Tory Burch.  But I haven’t talked about my love of Mulberry. Sometimes when I mention “Mulberry”, people give me a blank stare. he he

I’m not sure when I first eyed a Mulberry handbag. Maybe a few years ago, but I didn’t like their bags that had the big metal logo with the mulberry tree. I’m sure I eventually saw a cute bag on a silly celebrity website & started investigating the line.

Any-who, I love the quality and classic shapes of Mulberry bags, and I love that it’s not covered in logos. Leave it to the British to have an understated bag.

Here’s some pics of Mulberry bags.

Style guru and muse, Alexa Chung. She’s carrying the “Alexa” bag that Mulberry designed after spotting her with a vintage briefcase.

Olivia Palermo carrying Alexa bag

laurenconrad Lauren Conrad Ditches Chanel for Mulberry

source: People magazine

Lauren Conrad carrying Mulberry “Bayswater”

photo source: The Bag Lady

This is my favorite style: “Neely”. Definitely on my wish list.

photo source: Butter Hot Shoes blog

Olivia Palermo carrying the “Neely”

photo source: Mulberry website

Mulberry Hayden

Here’s the great news! From October 10-December 24, Target is teaming up with Mulberry for a limited line of handbags. From what I’ve read, there will be about 8 styles featured and at least one version of their popular bags. The “Alexa” is predicted to be one of the versions. 

I have a feeling this line will be flying off the shelves like the Cynthia Vincent wedges.

So what’s your opinion of the Mulberry bags? Too plain or just right? I have the oversized “Alexa” and hope to order the “Neely” soon.


  1. love mulberry! one is def on my list!

  2. That is gorgeous, especially the color of the first pic.

  3. I have never heard of these before - but I'm off to online window-shop some. I really love the Neely. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love them!!! I have the "Alexa" I love it! I love that Target is putting a line out!!! AWESOME!

  5. I love LC's Bayswater!!! So pretty.

  6. I love Mulberry and their bags, and I'm dying to add one to my collection next. I've always liked simple satchels, so I'm excited to see them making a comeback.

    But...I think I'd like to Olivia Palermo's boyfriend to my collection first. Heh heh heh hot diggity. How perfect are those two?

  7. Oh! And I read yesterday that the Target Mulberry line will feature some bags made of fabric (velvet, denim) instead of the faux leather Target typically uses, so I'm excited to see how that turns out! *wiggles*

  8. Gorgeous bags! I can't wait to see what Target brings out as well.

  9. Hmmm, would be interested to see what Target does with these... I love Target!

  10. I looked these up after seeing a tweet about them and I am in love! They are SO my style. Now, if only they weren't so expensive...

  11. When we were tweeting about it the other day, I was looking for shoulder-bag style but it seems like they are focusing on satchels and totes...I really need both of my hands most of the time :) Let's see what Target will come out!

  12. I saw your tweet about this post just as I hit the road for the wedding and have been dying to read it. I'm SO in love with Mulberry. I love how simple and timeless they are. And I am stoked to see how much you've been blogging! I love your posts, go girl!