Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Got a Thing For Leather

Maybe it's the 80's rocker chick in me (yeah, you read that right), but I've always LOVED leather clothes. Not just jackets or shoes. I like tops, dresses, pants, and if you recall in this post....I like leather shorts.

Remember the episode of "Friends" when Ross wore leather pants? The bathroom scene with all the baby powder is classic!

I think this leather episode from "3rd Rock" is even funnier. Check it out.

I absolutely love ALL these leather pieces. 
Some are not so affordable, but we can dream right?

Black Faux Leather Yoke Pleated Tunic

I would wear this tunic forever. How adorable would this be with tights & ankle boots? I'd also mix it up & throw on a distressed denim jacket over it.

The texture of this belt would make any outfit stunning.

Love the trim on this. What a great way to jazz up a boring cardigan!

Do any of you wear leather pieces besides jackets and handbags? 
I'm now going to go dream about that Vince leather dress. HA!


  1. DYING for that Vince dress!!!!!! I LOVE IT! Gorgeous!!!

  2. wow I LOVE that Vince dress!! it's gorgeous!! I'm not brave enough to venture into leather besides accessories and jackets lol. I would definitely go there for that dress though =)