Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go Jane! Go Jane! It's Your Birthday!

This is a totally random, uncontemplative, and vain post. I feel great today and for that I'm thankful. I slept 11 hours last night! I even had weird dream that I was riding a motorcycle that had a built-in toilet and Pac-Man game you could play while driving. I must have needed to go to the bathroom in my sleep and I'm glad I didn't "use" the one on the motorcycle (aka "my bed").

I wanted to share a website with you that I found through a hilarious red-headed fashionista. Chloe is the cutest, most hilarious blogger. She has such a great fashion sense and I always love to see what outfits she puts together. Chloe loves to combine budget-minded pieces from Kohl's, Forever21, and Target with clothing from J Crew, Nanette Lepore, and other higher-end labels. One of the sites that she gets a lot of her shoes from is GoJane. I'm not crazy about the clothes. They're a little too "clubish" and young for me, but the shoes are really cute. Here are the ones I bought recently....and LOVE! Check out the prices. Amazingly cheap, especially for trendy shoes. And don't be too scared by some of the shoes...about 1/2 of them look like if they came in a size 13, they would be serious drag show material.

Ruffled Satin Peep Toe Heel--New Year's Eve shoes

What better way to jazz up a pair of black pants or skirt and a gray turtleneck!

The shipping is free with any order over $50, and most shoes are under $30. Not a bad deal if you're looking for ways to update your fall wardrobe.


  1. What a cool blog! Thanks for the tip. LOVE those shoes!

  2. You and I could totally shoe shop together! I LOVE all those choices!