Monday, November 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Sunshine for the Gray Skies

I have this thing for yellow and gray. Always have. I just like the combination together. I don't like black and yellow together-it looks too much like a bumble bee. I'm not a huge fan of brown with yellow. It always looks like fall to me. So if I'm wearing gray, I love to pair it with some unexpected combinations like citron yellow and aubergine.

I'm a mom, so some days I don't get a shower. I usually don't have time to fix my hair, do my makeup and post an "outfit of the day". Besides, I'm bloated and blah, blah, blah. You know the rest.

Some bloggers take pictures of their outfits in the bathrooms (great mirrors), some in their bedrooms, some outside, some in their closets. Closets....yeah, that's it. I'll do an "outfit of the day" or "OOTD" as the blogworld likes to call it. But here's my twist. Mine's going to be on the floor. Yep, ON the floor. Without me in them. How ya like that?

J Crew Houndstooth Coat
J Crew silk sleeveless tuxedo pleated blouse
Gray cuffed Theory pants from 4 yrs. ago
Belt-I think I bought this at Wal-Mart (clearance $5, a few weeks back)
Necklace- I think this is Kohl's Vera Wang

Detail of the croc print belt. It's reversible.

You can see here that the shoes are wine color.
Necklace and close-up of the tuxedo pleat of the blouse.

Is this a weird color combination, or do you think the colors go well together? I'd love to hear (honestly) what all you fashionistas think.


  1. I L-O-V-E this color combo. I am glad that you reached for the Houndstooth as well!

  2. I want this combo!! Honey..Im going shopping..Prolly cant find the yellow in any stores this time of year..Love the combo!

  3. Thanks ladies! Mommywonderland, I just got that sweater at Old Navy less than a month ago. It's still in the stores. If you get the sweater, you could go from there!

  4. I love those colors! What a great outfit. And the shoes just pop. I love your OOTD picture!

  5. I LOVE the outfit. I would be one to do the "outfit on the floor" too!

    I remember seeing that necklace at Kohl's. I believe it is their new Vera Wang line.

    Can't wait to see more cutie outfits!!

  6. Adorable combination little miss stylist :) love it! you really have a talent for putting together color combos! i guess that comes from your interior design background- hot hot hot!

  7. LOVE grey and yellow - love love love. That is the goal for my living room! haha.

    Thanks for sharing your OOTD. :)

  8. I love the cardigan. Cute buttons and nice color!

  9. I love grey and yellow. Beautiful coat! What a fun way to display your outfit!

  10. I love this outfit!

  11. I love reading your blog! I also LOVE this outfit! It gives me inspiration to go find something like it in my closet!!!

  12. Hey dear friend--was taking my 3 block trek to work yesterday and saw a "bedazzeling" lady with a yellow and gray Houndstooth jacket!!! Thought of you--you maybe the latest trendsetter!!

  13. Thanks ladies. Lisa, that's hilarious. You know those Nashville babes are pretty trendy though!