Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey Weatherman! This Ain’t Funny!

I am seriously dying in this cold weather.  Here’s our 5 day forecast.  Look at Friday!! 8 degrees. My Florida peeps, please, please come get me. My lips are chapped, my hands are cracked, and my toes are numb.


Doc Lancelot mentioned planning our ski trip for February.  I told him I couldn’t even talk about it. Right now, that’s not my idea of a vacation.  Spending a week packing ski clothes to go spend another week in more snow. Um, no thanks honey. I always love skiing, and I know once I get there, I’ll love it.

If I had a weatherman like this to deliver the bad news, I might find it a little (just a little) more bearable. I just want to squeeze him.  God love him, he’s probably laughing at something totally inappropriate…which is why I like him even more.  Enjoy…..and please come get me. Please. Now. Go On. Scurry. NOW!


  1. We're not much better in STL. The weather in the mid-west scares me. Been a southerner all my life until just last year and I still have the "OMG! Snow coming! Must stock up on bread, milk, etc" gene. :)

  2. Even though FL is no longer my home, being that I am here now with my fam- I will be your knight(ette) in shining armor. Although, I would prefer coming by private jet rather than horse :)Agreed?

  3. The invitation is always open! lol! :-) (how appropriate that my word verification was "sneektan."

  4. OMG that weatherman video is so amazing - people with infectious laughter get me every time!

  5. Come on down to S. FL girl! It was sunny and 80 today. Though a cold front is coming through and it will be in the high 60s the rest of the week. But, that's better than 8!