Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hit Me Baby One More Time....

I keep seeing a fashion trend that I rocked in the early 90's....knee socks. We all know Britney became famous for her outfit and knee socks in the video "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Knee socks and over the knee socks have made a comeback in a big way. I personally like them if done right, but I'm not sure if this old lady can rock them for a second time.

Chloe looks darling in her knee socks. She puts them together with tailored skirts and blouses. I think conservative clothing and shoes is what makes knee socks seem 'of the moment' and trendy rather than "Britney-like".

Here are some more examples of knee socks and over the knee socks.

This is my favorite look.
Elegant, but the socks add a little "edge" to the dress.

A little too "clubish" and young for me, but cute.

More casual. I think the tights are crucial for this look.
This is more the look I could see myself wearing.

Hey wait, Sarah Jessica Parker is over 40! Right????
Maybe you (ahem, I) can pull this off even if you're (I'm) not 20.

So what's your thoughts on knee socks and over-the-knee socks?
Trashy or Trendy??


  1. Nice post! I am starting to like knee socks more and have been considering venturing into a pair since the majority of my wardrobe is skirts and dresses and it's (slightly) cold here in LA now.

  2. I agree very trendy if done right! I love them with the tights! Must try this winter!!!

  3. How does SJP not look ridiculous (which she doesn't) but you KNOW I would! I think it would look like I'm trying too hard - probably because I'm NOT trendy. If I get a shower and makeup, it's a good day :-)

  4. I love the photo of SJP! I still can't do it, but my daughter does--haha!

  5. I'm going to do it- make myself wear knee socks! I love the way it looks on other people, but always chicken out. Maybe I can tone it down if I wear them over tights?

  6. SJP definitely pulls them off! All my years in private school wearing knee socks was enough for me though!