Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I went to a girls' party last night and we all brought a $20-$30 piece of jewelry for playing "Dirty Santa". Target is usually my "go to" place for that price range jewelry. Unfortunately, it's on the other side of town AND it's connected to the mall. I just can't bear the mall traffic this time of year, so I went to Kohl's, which is a hop and skip from our house.
Here are the deals I found:

This costume ring cost only $11.99.

I'm going to put in a box with these gloves I got for $8.00.

I stuffed the fingers with tissue paper. Isn't this a cute way to present a gift?

I couldn't just stop at one idea like that.
I figured I might need another gift, so I came up with this one.

It's a stretchy ringer and I got a scarf in a similar color and
just threaded the end through the ring.

The ring was $13.40, and the scarf cost $12.00.
Here's a close up of the ring.
This would be great to wear to all those holiday parties.

This Cozy Wrap is an aesthetic upgrade from the Snuggie.
It was regularly $39.99, but it was on sale for $15.99. It sells for a penny more online.
Here's some lovely, lounging ladies.
These Cozy Wraps shout "sexy" with a capital "S".
Watch out girls, or you'll end up like me in my last post.

This ruched clutch is a perfect girl gift.
Seriously, who wouldn't want a gold clutch?
I may have to go buy one of these for myself.
It's super soft and has a chain strap tucked inside.
It's regularly $36.00, but was on sale for $17.99.
Sadly, the price online is $21.60.
I don't know why the pricing seems to always be different than the store price.
Do you have any inexpensive, unique gift ideas? I still have a few more gifts to get, so I'm always on the lookout.


  1. I love that first ring! Ah, I might have to stop by Kohl's this afternoon. Great finds!!!

  2. GREAT accessories!! I love Kohls. They built one about 1 mile from my house. I stopped in one day and found all kinds of awesome things! I was hooked! And it is closer to me than Target or the mall!
    ...I need to check out that gold clutch.

  3. I love the idea of the gloves and the ring! I don't really have any new gift ideas - I just try to remember things people have told me they like and pick them up as I can find them! :)