Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dishing Out The Week

I've been trying to set some goals for myself. The main goal is to simplify my life and have a more organized, peaceful home for my family. One of the things I've found that helps my week go a little smoother is to plan my family's meals.

I've run across a lot of websites and blogs that have "Menu Mondays" where you plan your meals for the week on Sunday and present your list on Monday. I try to do my own informal version of "Menu Plan Mondays", but oftentimes my Sundays pass me by and I don't get around to making a written menu.

I guess I think I'll miraculously remember what I'm going to make and where the corresponding recipes are located. Then Monday rolls around, and I scurry around to slap together some semblance of a meal. My meal planning starts off behind of the game and I never catch up. I then make numerous trips to the grocery store throughout the week because of my lack of planning. You all know the song and dance, right?

Laura, the organizing guru at I'm an Organizing Junkie developed "Menu Plan Mondays". The site lets others share recipes and also get ideas and tips to make the process easier. Here's the link for getting started. If meal planning isn't your cup of tea, check out all the other wonderful ideas she has. There are also helpful sources for organizational tools. If you want to join me as I start, let me know!


  1. i would love to join you. Seriously, simplifing my life to make my family content, happy, and satisfied is my main goal in life. Menu planning is something that i always want to do then fail, then scramble, then end up spending way too much $ because of my lack of planning. I'm looking forward to checking out this website!

  2. A close friend of mine is adamant about MPM. She's an organizational junkie and swears it saves so much time. Can't wait to see what you "cook up!"

  3. Obviously I'm just catching up - yes, I want to do this too!!