Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Miss My Mississippi House (Part 1)

I'm finally getting over this yucky swine flu. It has really kicked my boo-tay. So on to better things, like blogging.....

As I was looking for a picture of my old kitchen cabinets to post
here, I realized how much I miss my house in Mississippi. It was a Georgian style house and was fabulous. We redid the kitchen 4 weeks before I gave birth to my Sassypants. Yes, I had a 2.5 year old and a newborn and no kitchen. Ambitious, yes....crazy, definitely!

So here's my old house. I saved the architect's drawings, because I want to create a version of this again one day.
Front of House
Formal Living Room

Here's my kitchen that I designed. (Sigh! I miss my kitchen). I had antique brick pavers from Chicago and Memphis for the floor. The island had an icemaker and 2 freezer drawers. The cabinets were painted and glazed by a wonderful faux finisher, Christina Fiorenza. I worked with her in Memphis. The pantry cabinets and built-in hutch were made of cypress.
I used copper plumbing pipe on the island.

I didn't use a tile backsplash over the range and above the counters because we found out we were moving while it was all getting done. Why spend more money when we're leaving?

So I decided to call on my good friend Donna Woods from Hattiesburg, MS to paint the area above the range. I had a lot of extra artists' paints and brushes and we did an even swap. I think I got the better end of the deal.
Closer shot of the mural.

Dining Room-We had already moved our furniture to Missouri

This was the room that sold the house. The library/family room. It had paneled walls made of pickled pine (say that fast 3 times). It had a built-in bar with an icemaker and a beautiful fireplace.

Off from this room was a sunroom that we used as a playroom. It was great because the girls had a place to play and we could shut the door when company came, and they didn't have to see all the toys.

The best part of the sunroom/playroom----the view of the pool.

Bathroom next to library. This bath also opened out to the pool.

Shower curtain--I had to have this made because the ceilings were so high in that room.

So you see now why I miss that house? It was wonderfully made. I haven't seen a house with that quality and detail that wasn't a million dollars. We got a great deal on that house because the lady who owned it was a patient of my father-in-law. He was doing some dental work on her and she said, "Do you know of anyone looking for a house? I'm moving to New Orleans." I was over there and had a contract (with no realtor) within 2 days. There are some things that I would change about that house, and we had some bad memories (Hurricane Katrina) there, but I LOVE my Mississippi house and miss it and my family and friends there dearly......

Tomorrow, I'll show you the upstairs and the girls' rooms.


  1. Gorgeous!! I love that kitchen and that FLOOR! what a great idea :) and love the dining room colors - totally what I'm drawn to also. Glad you are starting to feel better - have a great weekend :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I am at a loss for words. I would miss that house too!!! I love old Georgian and Colonial style homes. Def right up my alley. Glad to hear you're feeling better girl!! Oh hey, I know you love your pug like I do mine, you should check out Lydia and Pugs under my followers. She has all kinds of cute pug stationery and stuff. So cute!

  3. Um... Gorgeous!!! THAT KITCHEN! A-Mazing!

  4. I am still drooling looking at those pictures!

  5. Oh my gosh..your home was beautiful! I am so glad you are feeling better!!

  6. So amazingly gorgeous. Such amazing detail. I would miss it, too!

  7. Ok WHAT? That kitchen makes me wanna cook for the heck of it!!!! I am picking up my jaw, slowly...

  8. Sigh...I love that style house. Reminds me of New Orleans homes which I can't get down here in Florida. Chicago brick floors, brick exteriors, and Colonial styles do not exist down here!! Beautiful!

  9. That house was beautiful! I love the kitchen. Well, I love everything. I haven't been reading your blog for long. Do you like your current house too? I hope so!

  10. beautiful home Dana----you might be able to find one similar in Nashville??? It's much closer to Chattanooga than Missouri!lol

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  12. Wow! Lovely home! I love the orange pops of color in the formal living room!