Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Cheese Eater?

As I said in my previous post, I plan on starting menu planning this week. I've got a cup of coffee, notebook and pen, and have been looking through all my favorite cookbooks. I'm looking online at Epicurious and Food Network. I'm even referencing back to the I'm an Organizing Junkie website to see the plans that other people are using. I'm going to do this. I really am!

As I was looking at recipes, I came across this recipe on the Gooseberry Patch website. It's The Great Pumpkin Cheese Ball. It's absolutely adorable, and I plan on making it soon.

photo source: Gooseberry Patch Blog

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?


  1. Ok, Im going to attempt to make this!!! Thanks for cute!!!

  2. Omg this is seriously so cute!!! LOVE IT!! :) I def. want to make it!!

  3. This is sooo cute- what a great find!

  4. TOO adorable! I think I might have to make that for a Thanksgiving appetizer!
    Thanks for sharing and good luck on the Menu planning too! ;)

  5. Update. There's an easier version of this in the October issue of Southern Living.

  6. This is so cute. Yes, I may need any allergy shot to eat cheese, but totally worth it! I love Southern Living. The easier version looks right up my alley!