Monday, September 6, 2010

Moto Madness

I am loving all the motorcycle or “moto” jackets and boots that are out in stores. I love the idea of throwing on a moto jacket with a feminine dress to give it an edge or wearing moto boots with a simple sweater dress and tights.

As you know, I’m on an insane boot bender. I really have to stop. Seriously, I have to stop!

I usually have great luck with a few of the boot styles at Target every year. I lucked up again. My husband recently bought the men’s Frye moto boot and I love them. When I saw the Target version for women online, I had to snag them up.


Mossimo by Target Moto Boots

I also bought this moto jacket. It looks like real leather and doesn’t have that “cheap pleather” feel.

image Xhilaration Moto Jacket

Another “Moto” Trend---moto jeans:


Photo source:


photo source:

Cameron Diaz in Vintage 1 brand jeans. Style: “Cam Shot”

And here's some sassiness. Meeee-yow. Rwwwrrrr.

photo source: kitson website

Just kidding. he he

So how do you feel about moto jackets, jeans, and boots? Love it or on the fence?


  1. I love...but I am a biker girl at times. Gotta love a prep/conservative by day but a biker girl at heart ; )Even have my own bike. One day I'll post a pic of the boots I have with flames that turn red when they get hot!

  2. That's so funny! I have a thing for leather too;-) I can't wait to see those boots!!

  3. And just think DD no one will mess with you if you are dressed in moto gear head to toe ;D

  4. Loving those boots! Must investigate at once!

  5. I never know how to wear them - can you show outfits that you would put together with them? Love them!

  6. I've been lusting after those Frye boots forever -- I, too, love the moto-boots-with-dress look -- but just haven't been able to pull the trigger...$$$.... Have you worn the Target ones, and if so how do you like them? They look GREAT!

  7. i love the boots! and jacket, but really love the boots!