Thursday, September 9, 2010

Topshop Top Picks


Glitter Knot Bandeau Dress

Glitter Knot Bandeau Dress

LOVE this dress!

Knitted Kimono Crop Top

Knitted Kimono Cropped Sweater

How cute would this cropped sweater be with a cream turtleneck, skinny jeans, and tall black boots?

Raw Edge Chiffon Bandeau Dress

Raw Edge Chiffon Bandeau Dress

The detail and texture on this dress are amazing. And it’s only $100! Not bad for a special event dress.

AMORE Shearling Ankle Boots

Amore Shearling Ankle Boots

Yeah, I know.  More boots, but I couldn’t help myself!!


Leather Pouch Cross Body Bag

Leather Pouch Crossbody Bag

This bag looks so soft and I love the color!


Digital Animal Wrap Skirt

Digital Animal Wrap Skirt

I love this stylized animal print. I’d pair this skirt with camel or cognac colors like the bag above.

Good Day Bloggy Friends!!!

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  1. that skirt is my favorite! there are so many combos you could do with it! where in the midwest do you live? I'm a texas girl living in KC now!