Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poncho Love

I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the much sought-after H&M poncho. I love it and can see why everyone was going crazy over it.  It’s comfy and stylish….and it hides those donuts you ate for breakfast. tee hee

Here's a few more poncho looks I put together:  
(Keep in mind....these are only ideas. I don't suggest you spend that much on those outfits. This is coming from a girl that's wearing Target boots in the picture above)

Poncho Oatmeal
$570 -
Tops »

Cocoon knit poncho
$199 -
Knit cardigan »

ANNEX High Leg Ankle Boots
$180 -
High heels »

So what's your thoughts on ponchos? Stylish or frumpy?


  1. that is darling - I love it. And I want one too!

  2. I love ponchos and am so happy they're back in style, along with capes - my other fave!!!

  3. you look very cozy!

  4. So where do we find this poncho, and what colors does it come in. Google didn't help me find the one in your pic.

  5. Stacee, H&M doesn't sell online. I bought mine on eBay. Be careful, some are really overpriced because they're sold out in most stores. You can just search H&M poncho on there. That particular poncho comes in black and camel. Hope this helps:-)

  6. It IS fabulous :) But SO frustrating that they don't sell online in the US and hardly have any stores!

  7. I love it!!! I'm hoping one of my readers can pick one up for me. Would you recommend getting one in black and camel? Are they worth it to have two if it's not costly??

  8. Thanks for the model shot. I'm stalking them on eBay - missed out at the last minute on two yesterday. Yeah, they're marked up, but this is what happens every year with the hot items! Love the camel over the black.

    Is it soft or scratchy?

  9. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by. I don't think it's scratchy. After I washed mine, it's pretty soft. My best indicator is if sweaters, etc. irritate the back of my neck and this one doesn't. Hope that helps, and good luck in your search;-)