Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Corn and Milk Be Gone!!!

The girls and I loaded up yesterday and went to take Bookworm to the allergist for her first allergy test. When we were checking in with the receptionist, she asked why I didn't schedule both Bookworm and Sassypants appointments on the same day. I was thinking, "Well, sweet dear.....possibly because when I asked that very question 4 months ago, I was told only one child at a time!" But anyway, she suggested that the both do their testing together. Great, no problem.....knock it out in one day.

So we go back and meet with the allergist. She starts asking about how the girls were fed as infants (bottle vs. breast), any medical issues (lots), etc. Based on both girls' tummy issues and some behavioral issues that Sassypants is having, the allergist said, "I can tell you right now that they both have corn and milk allergies." She goes on to say, "In fact, if I saw Sassypants in the mall, I'd stop you dead in your tracks and tell you this." Wow! This is without the scratch test. This kind of floored me.

This allergist is a former pediatrician that became an allergist and has done extensive research on allergies and behavior. She spent almost 2 hours EDUCATING me. The things that she told me were medically based, and at last I have some answers. I just have to come up with a PLAN now. How in the heck am I going to feed them.....especially when we travel? It's not like they're infants, and I can start from scratch. These monkeys have developed a LOVE for these foods. In fact, the allergist said children usually crave the very foods to which they're allergic. Just like us women crave chocolate and carbs at that delightful time of month.

If any of you have children with allergies, do you have suggestions, books or websites that you could share?

Now I'm off to get poked and scratched.....

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