Monday, August 17, 2009

If Walls Could Talk

Most people think that interior designers lead glamorous lives where we hop on a private plane to New York, point to a fabric with a manicured finger, take a sip of champagne, and voila...the whole house is done! Oh dear, if it was only that simple or that glamorous.
When I lived in Memphis, I interned with a well-known and published designer. My internship involved the usual intern things like submitting designs to magazines, filing, making phone calls, and ordering fabrics and furnishings. I also got to move furniture, blow up balloons for parties, babysit clients' kids while they shopped, and the best part.....clean toilets. Sounds uber-glamorous, huh?

I learned a lot during that time though. I realized that people put a great deal of trust in you when you come into their houses and make them a "home". Once there, you find out more dirt and intrigue than you ever will see on reality tv. Trust's scary. If only walls or (in my case), a designer could talk.

Speaking of walls....da da ching! So cheesy, sorry. One of the biggest requests I get from clients and friends are paint color suggestions. Here are a few of my tried-and-true favorites:

Benjamin Moore HC-95 Sag Harbor Gray
(This is a beautiful green-gray. I have my kitchen painted in this color and never tire of it.)

House Beautiful magazine

Benjamin Moore-Dragon's Breath #1547
This is a wonderful deep charcoal with
green undertones. I have a guest bathroom painted this color and it's like a warm cocoon.

The Seattle Times

Benjamin Moore-Danville Tan

(Cabinet color in this picture)

House Beautiful

Favorite Trim Colors

Benjamin Moore -White Dove and Navajo White


  1. Thanks Michele! I see we have a common love....pugs. Aren't they the best?

  2. I love your paint color choices. Benjamin Moore makes my favorite colors, too. What a fun job you have and you get to be creative--I wish you'd come over and help me with my house!!