Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a Little About Me.....

To tell all about myself seems a bit like writing an obituary or something, so for now I'll just give you the facts:

~ I was born in Georgia, raised in Tennessee and moved 38 times before I graduated high school. Speaking of 38---that's my age. Yikes. I said it.
~I got married when I was 21 to a preacher's son--bad, bad boy. Only married for 2 years.
~I worked in surgery and met my now husband there. He asked for my telephone number for 4 months, but I was still getting over the divorce and
besides, I didn't want to date one of those stinkin' cheatin' doctors like the ones I worked with;-)
~We saw each other out one night, and he asked me out. I knew there was something special about him, so I said yes. (I'll tell the story of our 1st date later).
~Within a few weeks of dating, we talked about getting married. Everybody thought we were crazy, but that was 13 years ago. So there doubters!
~We've lived in Chattanooga, Memphis, Birmingham, AL, Hattiesburg, MS and now Missouri.
~We have 2 wonderful daughters. Our 7 year old "Bookworm" is utterly brilliant. She has always been ahead of the game....she weighed 10 lbs., 12 oz. ! "Sassypants" is 5 years old and gives me a gray hair every day. She is spirited and hilarious. To give you a little insight into her sassiness....Sassypants fell into a tank of stingrays at the aquarium. Yep...right in....head first.
~When Doc Lancelot (DL) was in his residency in Memphis, I went back to school at University of Memphis and got a bachelor's degree in interior design. Big change from the medical field, huh?
~Memphis was an exciting and fun time for us. I made lifelong friends, got pregnant with Bookworm and got another degree.
~I'm having a hard time being away from the South (yes, I capitalize South). I miss lots of things...too many to mention in one post.
~I have to have creative outlets or I go beserk. I love floral arranging, photography, entertaining, cooking--basically anything where I can use my hands and have no defined boundaries.
~I LOVE to cook, but it's harder now that I have the kiddos. I really miss cooking gourmet meals or having really big dinner parties. Hopefully one day, I can rekindle my cooking passion.
~Most of all, I consider myself blessed beyond measure. I have a husband that makes me laugh everyday and totally 'gets' me. I could never imagine, or would want to be with anyone else. He gave me the 2 greatest gifts in the two girls. They look so much like him it's crazy. There's no denying whose 'my baby daddy'. I was just a big fat uterus for his super genes, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

More later.....


  1. Your comment about the "stinkin' cheatin' doctors" totally cracked me up. I'm a medical sales rep for a spine company so I know ALL too well about the cheatin' doctors!!!

  2. He he! I was a medical sales rep once too! Between that job and working in the OR for 5 years, I saw A LOT that made me want to run for the Appalachians when Doc asked me out. I seriously could write a book---my 20 year old eyes saw WAY to much back then. BTW--love reading your blog!